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Our History

All Pagorias throughout the world originated in Caccamo, Italy (about 30 miles east of Palermo, Italy on the island of Sicily). All eight of the original U.S. Pagorias have been confirmed as having been born in Caccamo. There are three families that appear to be the common bond between all of the Pagorias in the United States. All Pagorias contacted in the United States are descended from these three families.

The Main Pagoria Family Tree Page (updated April 18th, 2022) details all the information that has been collected on the eight Pagoria branches and their descendants. The families are all related and their roots have been traced back to the early 1700s in Caccamo. The Pagoria history from the earliest known Pagoria to the time the eight U.S. Pagorias were born is documented at the following link (The Pagoria Old Timers).

All of the following Family Trees are linked to the main Tree and are also available at the following links:

Photo Shows

Videos have been added to the website that were recorded by Frank and Patricia Pagoria. The videos include many family gatherings of the Cincione Family, Dominick Pagoria's children, and the Schweizer family. The videos (and more) are available at the following link.

Additional Information?

We have considerable interest in keeping these Trees updated and as accurate as possible. Please email or call me if you have any additional information or updates for any of the Trees.

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